Treatment Options

No-Cost UP-C/A at CAMAT


Thanks to funding from the Children’s Trust (TCT), CAMAT is now able to offer UP-C and UP-A at no-cost for eligible families (i.e., those livening in Miami-Dade County, with children between the ages of 7 and 17 years, and emotional disorder concerns). At this time, this service is not offered for families looking for treatment for tics/Tourette Disorder. For adolescents (youth ages 12 to 17 years), services will be offered in an individual format, whereas for children (youth ages 7 to 12 years), services will be offered in a group format. Treatments offered are described in detail below. Click here for additional information for families outside of Miami-Dade County.


UP-C Group for Children Ages 7-12

For children in Miami-Dade County ages 7-12, therapy is held in a small group format. UP-C Group involves both a child and parent group. In the child group, children learn skills to manage strong emotions. In the parent group, parents learn the same skills that their child is learning in addition to relevant parenting skills. Child and parent groups are held at the same time. In addition to meeting as a group, each family also works individually with a clinician at each session to check in on progress. Please see below for additional information about group therapy.

  • Groups run Monday through Thursday from 5:30-7:00PM. 
  • Groups are held in person at the University of Miami Coral Gables Campus or our Miami Lakes location.
  • Groups last approximately 15 sessions.
  • Throughout treatment, families complete online questionnaires to monitor progress. 

We are currently recruiting for our 2024 groups!

  • Fall 2024 groups start beginning of September.
  • Fall groups will be held on the UM-Coral Gables campus and at our Miami Lakes location (address provided upon request). 

Individual UP-A for Youth Ages 12-17

For youth in Miami-Dade County ages 12-17 years, UP-A is is offered individually where the adolescent and his/her caregivers meets one-on-one with a therapist. Individual CBT at CAMAT includes both a child and parent component, such that the therapist meets with both the adolescent at every visit for the majority of the session. Caregiver check-ins are required on a weekly basis at the time of the session to review session content and introduce any parent-related skills.

Please see below for additional information about individual therapy.

  • Individual therapy sessions are scheduled based on family and clinician availability. 
  • Individual therapy lasts up to 24 weeks (6 months).
  • Individual therapy can be completed in-person or on Zoom based on family preference.
    • For families wishing to complete therapy on Zoom, at least one session must be completed in-person to meet requirements of TCT.
  • Throughout treatment, families complete online questionnaires to monitor progress. 

Next Steps

If you are interested in receiving no-cost treatment services through CAMAT, please complete the information included at the link below. 

Click here to complete initial screening

What to Expect:

  • After you complete the initial screening information linked above, eligible families will be contacted to schedule an initial evaluation at no-cost.
  • The initial evaluation involves a diagnostic interview with children and parents to better understand presenting concerns. The evaluation may take place via Zoom or in-person depending on family's preference.
  • Following the evaluation, a feedback session will be scheduled to share diagnostic impressions and recommendations for treatment. 
    • If your family is not eligible for treatment at CAMAT, we will provide you with referrals for other providers. 
    • If your family is eligible for treatment at CAMAT, your intake clinician will share additional information about enrolling in therapy.