Initial Appointment Information




Getting started:

To get started with our program, there are a couple of steps:

  1. A parent or guardian must complete an initial online questionnaire to determine eligibility.
  2. If your child or teenager is eligible, you will be contacted by our clinic to gather more information. 
  3. Following, we'll schedule an initial intake appointment at our office or on Zoom. At this point, we will ask for a non-refundable deposit for the initial evaluation.
  4. After the evaluation, we will make several treatment recommendations that may include treatment through CAMAT, or we will provide referrals for services in the community that may be a better fit for your child's needs.

Contact us here to get started!

If you have already scheduled an evaluation:

Please print and complete the forms below prior to your child's first appointment in the CAMAT Program.  You may download and print the documents, complete them and return them via fax to 305-284-1700 (Attention: CAMAT PROGRAM). Alternatively, you can bring the completed forms to your first appointment or email completed forms to:

CAMAT Background History Form - This form requires parents/caregivers to provide information related to your child's developmental and psychosocial history.

CAMAT Custody Documentation - This form must be completed by all families, regardless of whether parents/caregivers are married, divorced, or separated.

A note about our fees:

Our clinical research program provides services primarily via research studies. Fees for treatment are based on a sliding scale, which is dependent on family income and number of dependents.

In order to determine if your family qualifies for a fee reduction, you must provide the CAMAT coordinator with the necessary paperwork to document your family's yearly income. This may include a copy of your family's most recent tax returns, or recent pay stubs from all relevant caregivers. Please note you must provide this paperwork to the CAMAT coordinator prior to your first appointment or the full fee for services will apply.  These documents will be returned to you immediately once your fee is assessed.

Please note that our clinical research program does not accept insurance and any payments are due at the time of your visit to our program.